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Discover the benefits of working with us! We encourage you to read on and compare us to the rest to find out why we think our service is the best one out there. Given all the additional benefits we offer and the price we charge, we think you'll agree and if not, we'll give you your money back.


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Address Change Filing with the USPS®

Like other similar services, we will submit your address change request to the USPS® which will forward certain classes of mail to your new address.

Unlimited Address Changes for 6 Months

Did you know that the post office will only forward mail for the exact name on your change of address request (including mail addressed to nicknames, maiden names, or different last names)? Are you in between places and moving multiple times in the next 6 months? These are just a few of the reasons why we offer free address changes for 6 months from your original move date.

Permanent Address Change

When you file a "permanent" address change with the USPS®, they will only forward your mail for 1 year. One of the great benefits of our service is that we'll renew your forwarding for up to 5 years at no additional cost to make sure that permanent address changes are forwarded to make sure you don't miss anything important you may have forgotten.

Safe & Secure Credit Card Processing

We are serious about internet security and protecting your personal information. All of our transactions are encrypted using a 256-bit secure socket layer (SSL) protocol. We do not store your credit card nor will we ever share your contact information with any third party without your approval. Many people may not know, even the post office uses your information to make money.

Free Moving Concierge Service

We know moving can be a stressful and time consuming process which is why for the first 30 days of your move, we're here to help you with anything moving related- looking for assistance with movers, storage facilities, cleaning services, cable, internet, or whatever? Let us know and we'll be sure to help either by phone or via email.

Email Customer Support

Some things are easier to take care of via email which is why we offer our users email support to answer any questions or address any concerns that may come up. We have a commitment to same day customer service. Any emails sent during business hours will receive a response by end of day; all others will be answered first thing in the morning.

Toll-Free Phone Customer Support

You can reach us toll-free at 888-251-8445. In addition to our email support, we offer phone support during business hours with the same commitment to same day customer service.

IRS Address Change Assistance

Keeping the IRS informed of your current address is important in order to get your tax refund checks and any other sensitive information. We'll fill out the appropriate form for you to complete, sign, and send in to submit your address change.

Voter Registration Address Change Assistance

With an election year coming up, it is important you are registered to vote at your current address. We'll fill out the appropriate form for you to complete, sign, and send in to submit your address change.

DMV Address Change Guide

Each state has their own process for changing your address. We'll take away the hassle of figuring it all out by providing you instructions on how and where you can change your address for your state. Note: additional fees may apply for certain states.

Social Security Address Change Guide

Only those receiving Social Security benefits, supplemental security income, and/or Medicare, are required to change their address with the Social Security Administration. We'll provide you instructions how and where you can change your address.

$750 in Moving Related Savings Coupons

Moving places is expensive enough. With your address change, you'll be sent coupons worth over $750 in savings to help you save some money on services you'll be sure to need.

Stamps.com Promotion

Take advantage of this great promotion from Stamps.com, the leading site for your mailing and shipping needs: - $5 Instant FREE Postage to use in 4-week trial - $40 in Postage Coupons: Get four $10 postage coupons to use after your trial period - FREE 5 lb. Digital Scale (S&H fee required) - FREE Supplies Kit ($5 Value): Includes a Welcome Guide and free postage labels

Free Online Energy Savings E-book

Ever wonder what all this solar hype is about? We'll help explain it to you with our exclusive energy savings e-book. Find out how you can start saving on your power bills each month.

Free Online Mover's Guide & Labels

Whether it's your first time moving or your 100th, it's always handy to have a reference guide for the moving process. We have tons of information of on moving, packing, shipping, and storing. We've also included box labels to help your keep things organized during your move.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We only want happy customers, so our services have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 30 day, no questions asked refund is available if you are not satisfied.