Frequently Asked Questions

How can I change my address using your website?

What is is a private business entity providing a premium bundled address change service that assists with the address change process for the USPS® and other government agencies while providing additional ancillary benefits for movers. When submitting your address change request with the USPS®, acts as an authorized agent for our users.

How is different from the post office? Why is it more expensive?

In short, the post office offers a very basic service that only forwards your mail; our service bundles together that same service with a variety of benefits too long to list on this page, so we created an entire dedicated page here detailing all the ways we think our service is better.

How easy is it use this service?

We strive to make the address change process as clear, simple, and reliable as possible. To use our service and get all the benefits, complete the address change form, submit payment, and you are done in just a few minutes.

Is it safe to change my address through this service?

Yes, it is. We are serious about internet security and protecting your personal information. All of our transactions are encrypted using a 256-bit secure socket layer (SSL) protocol. Furthermore, we do not store your credit card nor will we ever share your contact information with any third party without your approval.

Do you submit address change requests to other government agencies?

We do not formally submit your address change with other agencies for a variety of reasons including potential additional fees, regulations on who or how an address changes can be submitted, different government agencies requiring further information that we don’t capture, etc. However, we will assist you to the best of our abilities with this process. For the IRS and voter’s registration, we fill out the forms for you to submit; for the DMV and SSA, we provide customized guides to explain how to submit your address change. Should you have any further questions, we are your resource for answers.

How do I know that my change of address was processed correctly?

After you’ve submitted your address change and paid for the service, you will get a confirmation email from us stating we’ve received your request. Should there be any issues submitting your address change with the USPS® you will be notified via email. Otherwise, you’ll receive a forwarding notice and welcome kit at your address in about a week or two.

What happens after I’ve changed my address with your service?

After you’ve completed our address change form and submitted payment, we will immediately begin processing your request with the USPS®. However, it may take up to a few days to reflect in the USPS® system and up to 7-10 days for you to begin receiving forwarded mail at your new address. In the meantime, you should take advantage of the benefits we provide such as using our forms and guides to complete your address change with other government agencies.

I’ve heard of address change scams. Is this one of them?

No! Our service is absolutely not a scam. Address change scams are often attempts to divert mail from your residence without your approval and with the intent to commit some sort of fraud. Our service is by no means that. We help forward your mail per your instructions and provide additional bundled services helpful to individuals and families changing residences.

Will you sell my information to third parties?

We do not share your information with any third parties other than the USPS® without your consent. Please note that the USPS® DOES share your information with third parties they’ve authorized when processing an address change.

How far in advance do I need to file an address change? How long will mail forwarding last?

While it is best to plan in advance, you can schedule an address change request for as soon as the following day, although it may take longer for you to actually get your mail at the new address.

Temporary address changes will last for the duration of your request with a minimum mandatory 15 day forwarding requirement. Permanent address changes are effective for 60 days for magazines and 6 months for First Class Mail.

What kinds of address changes can be submitted through this service?

You can submit individual or family address changes using our service. Simply select the appropriate box on the form. For individual requests, only mail addressed to the person’s name on the request will be forwarded. You will need to submit additional requests for any nicknames, maiden names, or other last names you may receive mail by, if applicable. For family requests, all mail addressed to anyone with the same last name on the request will be forwarded. You will need to submit additional requests for anyone in the family with a different last name, if applicable. We can help you submit any such additional requests free of charge.

Unfortunately, at this time we do not accept change of address for businesses as our service is geared toward individuals, although you may do so directly with the USPS®.

Are there any limitations to addresses which can be changed?

There are some limitations for address changes which are imposed by the USPS®. A few notable ones are:

- You cannot forward personal mail from a business address to a residential address
- You cannot forward mail to an addressee at a commercial mail receiving agency
- You cannot forward mail to an addressee with a Unique ZIP Code
- You cannot forward mail to an addressee at a mobile home

Please contact us with questions regarding your specific situation should you have questions.

Can I cancel or make modifications to my address change request?

Yes, please contact us to let us know what you need to and we’ll take care of it for you. If your plans change we can cancel your request. If you need to edit any information you submitted to us, we can modify your request, although certain changes will require us to cancel and submit a new request.

What if I’m not satisfied with the service?

We only want happy customers, so our services have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 30 day, no questions asked refund is available if you are not satisfied.

Who do I contact with any additional questions, concerns, or requests?

Please visit the Contact Us page to contact us.

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